A Trip to Pollachi through Online Bus Ticket Booking

I love traveling with my friends and family. We are four members in our family and I am the younger one. Usually, in my school days, we used to go to Coimbatore during our Annual exam holidays. My Grandmother’s house is located at Pollachi, which is 48km away from Coimbatore. Approximately, it takes 10 hours to reach Pollachi. As there was no direct Train facility then, we preferred going to Pollachi by Bus.
We book Bus Tickets, 1 month prior to the Date of Journey. Those days, we were eagerly waiting for our Exams to get over, so that we can enjoy our Bus travel as well as the Soothing climate of Pollachi.
Once when I was in 8th Grade, My Dad had booked the tickets in SVR Travels and the Travel date had come. As soon as we finish our Exams, We rush to our home bidding Good-bye to friends and books for the short period of Time. Our Mamma had already packed our Dresses and Yes, I didn’t forget to take my Business Game. Definitely, Business and Ludo was the favorite game of 90’s kid. Am I right?
We were waiting in the pick point for the Bus to come. Bus had arrived and we started our Travel from Koyembedu at 10:00pm.
Online Bus Ticket Booking
I felt the cool breeze when the Bus had started moving faster on the Poonamalle high road. We reached Pollachi at 7pm in the Morning through Udumalai road.
I wonder the Gift the God, gazing at the mild snow that was spread over the Sky. I could see the blur view of Vehicles moving to and fro. As it was December, the Place was very cold. We were about to reach Granny’s Home by Walk. We raised our Hands seeing the view of temple Gopura.
Granny and Grandpa were eagerly waiting for our arrival with the Cups of Coffee. As soon as we refresh ourselves, we had Dossa and Yummy and Yummy Dhal curry.
We spent half of the day with Grandparents chit chatting about our Travel and Chennai life. After the small nap, we got ready for Round ana, which is located at Mahalingapuram, Pollachi. Round ana is the best place to go for Walk and to play the Outdoor Games. We went to Mahalingapuram by auto with our very own Volleyball.
I and my Sister were playing Volleyball, while our Grandparents and parents took the walk on the tracks. It was 9 pm when we reached our Home after a Dinner at Slaves restaurant.
The very next day, we went to Aliyar and Valparai and Granpa’s Car. It was a 2 days trip. On the first day, we had been to Aliyar dam, Boat house, Maharishi ashramam and Aliyar park. We spent some time in Cantoor canal which is at the 1st Hair pin bend of Aliyar. We saw many Monkeys and Nilgiri Tahr and obviously took some snaps. The very next day, we went to Valparai,EB station and tea estate.
Finally, we backpacked and waved Good Bye to Pollachi after spending Couple of days with my Cousins. While coming back to Chennai, we chose the National Travels through Bus Ticket Offers.

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