Brazil Public Holidays 2015

Brazil, is one of the largest country in the world and is home of great rain forests and wild life. There are a lot of outdoor activities and adventures to take part in with all the bio-diversity. Here is a list of Brazil Public holidays 2015 that will make it easier to plan travel.

Name Date Remarks
New Year’s Day January 1 Popularly known as Revillion
Good Friday April 3 Remembering Christ’s crucifixion
Tiradentes April 21 Remembering Joaquim Jose da Silva
May Day May 1 Celebration by labor unions
Independence Day September 7 Commemorating independence from Portugal
Our Lady of Aparecida October 12 Feast of the patron saint of Brazil
All Souls Day November 2 A day of alms giving and prayers for the dead
Christmas Day December 25 Christians Celebration of birth of Jesus

Plan your holidays according to 2015 calendar Brazil in order to be a part of some of the most colorful festivities.

New Year’s Day- Thursday, January 1

This day is among the most important Brazil Holidays 2015. A lot of people from different parts of the world come to be a part of the wonderful celebrations here. Pubs and beaches witness huge traffic and there are some great fireworks seen too.

Good Friday – Friday, April 3

This is celebrated by Christians in memory of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This holy falls in the holy week where many ancient religious ceremonies are carried out and processions can be seen on the road too.

Tiradentes – Tuesday, April 21

This is a national holiday that was started in memory of Joaquim Jose da Silva Xavier whose goal was to achieve full independence from the Portuguese. The holiday name means “tooth puller” because Xavier was a dentist.

May Day – Friday, May 1

It is an official 2015 Brazil Holidays when trade unions are seen street demonstrations and marches and voicing their opinions.

Independence Day – Monday, September 7

Brazil became independent from Portuguese rule on this day in 1822. This day, parades are seen and families use the day to go out as spend some fun time together.

Our Lady of Aparecida – Monday, October 12

The shrine of the Aparecida Virgin is one of the most revered one by Catholics. This feast is observed as a national holiday.

All Souls Day – Monday, November 2

This day has a close link with All Saints day which is observed just the day before. On this important occasion people take out time to remember their deceased loved ones and visit and decorate their graves.

Christmas Day – Friday, December 25

It is primarily a Christian festival and beautiful trees are set up in homes. A lot of cities decorate huge trees that are covered with electric lights and are a sight to behold against the night sky.

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