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A dazzling destination to visit in the state of Tamil Nadu, Courtallam is situated in the District of Tirunelveli and is completely esteemed for its mesmerizing charming natural beauty. The sundry Rivers Pachaiyar River, Manimuthar River, Chittar River and the Tambarabarani River emerge from this region. The place is also known as “Spa town of south India” because of the formulation of plentiful health centers. It is a very excellent tourist destination as well as a vacation spot in Southern part of India and remnant gathered with tourists around the year with fascinating seasonal Train and Bus Ticket Offers.

The town is ringed by a few waterfalls that are placed in the area. Courtallam Travel Advisor is full of hints to the places and blemish spots to relax and unravel and the serene climates further add to the deep-seated pleasure. Honey Falls, Main Falls, Five Falls, Old Falls and Lord Thirukuttralanathar are the popular tourist attractions of the city. Likewise its dazzling breathtaking beauty, the city is outstanding for its beautiful waterfalls such as Shenbagadevi Falls, Aintharuvi, Peraruvi, Thenaruvi, Chitraruvi, Pazhathotta Aruvi, Pazhaya Courtallam Aruvi and Puli Aruvi. Courtallam senses monsoons between the months of June to September. These months are defined by bearable rainfall.
Courtallam has appeared as a famous tourist destination in the new recent times which has followed in a statistic of world class resorts rising in the area. However it is desirable to do an advance Online Bus Ticket booking or Train reservations exclusively during the peak seasons. The city is convenient to both Tamil Nadu and Kerala and it can be easily amassed from both this states.

The finest time to visit Courtallam is during the winter and monsoons in the months of July to March. The summers are sizzling and torrid, hence the waterfalls, which are the dominant attractions of the place, also bare up. The monsoon months are very amusing and so is the winter. The sprinkle and breeze during the monsoons are an extra attraction making this season of the year the crest time to visit the town with cheapest bus tickets at the seasoning time.

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