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Hungary, the land locked country in Central Europe, is famous for its unique language. Capital city is Budapest. Here is the list of Hungary public holidays 2014 celebrated nationwide.

Name Date Remarks
New Year’s Day January 01 Celebrations of New Year Day
National Day March 15 National holiday remembering their revolution
Easter April 20 National holiday in honor of Jesus’s resurrection
Easter Monday April 21 National holiday extends for Easter celebrations
May Day May 01 National holiday to celebrate Kings birthday
Pentecost Sunday June 08 National holiday after 40 days of Easter
Pentecost Monday June 09 Second day celebrations
Mid Summer Day June 21 National Holiday
St. Stephen Day August 20 National Holiday
National Day October 23 Celebrates declaration of Freedom.
All Saints Day November 01 Celebration for All Saints in Christianity
Christmas December 25 Birthday of Christ
Second day of Christmas December 26 Celebrating second day of Christmas

Plan Your Holidays to Celebrate the Events

New Year’s Day: Wednesday, January 1

New Year Celebrations from the previous evening.

National Day: Saturday, March 15

Hungarians celebrate this day in remembrance of their revolution

Easter: Sunday, April 20

Holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Easter Monday: Monday, April 21

This 2014 Calendar Hungary holiday is observed for relaxing after the Easter festival. Most of the people
stay in home and take rest.

May Day: Thursday, May 01

This national holiday, one of the 2014 Hungary holidays, is celebrated to honor workers all over the world

Pentecost Sunday: Sunday, June 08

One of the Hungary holidays 2014, this is a national holiday in to mark the descent of Holy Spirit from
heaven. This is observed after 50 days of Easter.

Pentecost Monday: Monday, June 09

Holidays extend on the second day for Holy Spirit’s descent. They will celebrate this day with feasts.

St. Stephen Day: Wednesday, August 20

Relics of St. Stephen were transferred to Buda city and a public holiday for Hungary.

National Day: Thursday, October 23

Hungarians declared Independence from Soviet Union on this day in 1956. This day is celebrated as national holiday. There will be exhibitions and speeches all over the country.

All Saints Day: Saturday, November 01

This is a Christian festival celebrating in honor of all Christian Saints. Hungarians will visit the cemeteries and clean the graveyard of their relatives. They will also light candles. The exact day differs with some sects of

Christmas: Thursday, December, 25
National holiday declared on the birthday of Jesus Christ to hold celebrations all over the country. This country does not have the ritual of having fun with Santa Claus.

Second day of Christmas: Friday, December, 26
National Holiday declared on the second day of Christmas. This is also popular as ‘Boxing Day’.