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India filled with natural beauties is one of the best destinations in the world to visit on your holidays. There are many India public holidays 2014 celebrated throughout the year in India. Let’s get the ball rolling on India public holidays 2014:

Name Date Remarks
New Year January 01 Celebrated with huge entertainments
Republic Day January 26 National holiday celebrated across the Nation
Maha Shivaratri February 27 Celebrated by Hindus with performing pujas
Holi March 17 Celebrated with colors happily
Good Friday April 18 Also known as Great Friday is the Christian religious holiday
Ramadan Celebration Day July 29 Eid, is the Muslim holiday, end of Ramadan
Independence Day August 15 National holiday celebrated with patriotism
Krishna Janmastami August 18 Popular festival celebrated by Hindus
Ganesh chaturthi August 29 Celebrated with great enjoyment
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi October 2 Celebrated honoring Mahatma Gandhi, National father
Vijaya Dashami October 3 Ten days celebration
Bakri Id October 6 Popular Muslim festival
Diwali October 23 Celebrated with excitements and sharing sweets
Muharram November 4 Hugely celebrated by Muslims, as first month
Christmas December 25 Celebrated with happiness and excitements by Christians

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New Year: Wednesday, January 1

New Year is celebrated as 2014 calendar holiday by all, regardless of religious and regional differences

Republic Day: Sunday, January 26

National holiday representing the adoption of the Constitution of India and transition from British domination

Maha Shivaratri: Thursday, February 27

The night is celebrated worshiping Lord Shiva, which occurs on the 14th night of the new moon, the darkest night of the year

Holi: Monday, March 17

Also known as Dhuli Vandana is celebrated by throwing colored water and powder at each other with happiness

Good Friday: Friday, April 18

This is the religious holiday for Christians, commemorating crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ before Easter

Ramadan Celebration Day: Tuesday, July 29

Eid is celebrated by Muslims sharing sweets and happiness, end of Ramadan. The day represents end of fasting

Independence Day: Friday, August 15

This is the national holiday celebrated across the nation with patriotism and with many events

Krishna Janmastami: Monday, August 18

Also known as Gokulashtami, is a popular Hindu festival, celebrated on birth of Lord Krishna

Ganesh Chaturthi: Friday, August 29

This festival is most loved by children especially and celebrated as birthday of Lord Ganesha

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi: Thursday, October 2

National holiday, celebrated on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi birthday, Father of the Nation across India

Vijaya Dashami: Friday, October 3

Also known as Dhasara is the popular 2014 India holidays celebrated for 10 days across India and Nepal

Bakri Id: Monday, October 6

This day is widely celebrated by Muslims sharing sweets and special foods with each other

Diwali: Thursday, October 23

This is the most significant India holidays 2014, festival celebrated sharing sweets, visiting friends and relatives by people of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism

Muharram: Tuesday, November 4

This is a Muslim holiday celebrated as the New Year day

Christmas: Thursday, December 25

This special day is observed by Christians on the birth of Jesus