Ireland Holidays 2015

Ireland is a small country but there is so much to do and explore that vacation days just fly by. Beautiful landscapes with their timeless beauty leaves the traveler awestruck. One needs to be there during any of the following 2015 Ireland Holidays to find out in person.

Name Date Remarks
New Year’s Day January 1 First day of the Gregorian calendar
St. Patrick’s Day March 17 Remembering the patron Saint of Ireland
Easter Monday April 06 Day after celebration of Jesus’ resurrection
Labor Day May 4 Celtic festival
June Holiday June 1 Spending time with family
August Holiday August 3 La Saoire i mi Lunasa
October Holiday October 27 Last Monday of October
Christmas Day December 25 Christian celebrate the birth of Jesus
St.Stephen’s Day December 26 In memory of St Stephen

There is nothing like a well planned Ireland Holidays 2015.

New Year’s Day –Thursday, January 1

As an important Ireland Public holidays 2015, people use the opportunity to spend some quiet time with family. There are parades held out on the streets; marching bands and other musicians are all part of this annual festivity.

St. Patrick s Day – Tuesday, March 17

This holiday is in honor of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Nowadays this festival is spread over several days and is known as St. Patrick’s festival. Beer, parades and green costumes are the norm during these days.

Easter Monday – Monday, April 06

People look forward to Easter holidays as the long weekend that starts from Good Friday till Easter Monday gives a much needed respite. Sports events, fairs are all part of this three day long holiday.

Labor Day – Monday, May 5

Similar to many other countries, Labor Day is an opportunity for all workers to campaign for their rights and voice their concerns.

June Holiday –Monday, June 1

Every first Monday of June; people get the opportunity to take part in various cultural and sporting events. The day is spent peacefully enjoying spring weather.

August Holiday – Monday, August 3

Every first Monday in August is a public holiday. There are various sports and cultural events held over the weekend for people to enjoy alone or with family.

October Holiday – Monday, October 26

The last Monday of October is also known as the Halloween Holiday. People also get to be a part of various cultural festivals held here at this time.

Christmas Day – Friday, December 25

Of all the 2015 Ireland Holidays, Christmas is the most important. The celebrations start from Christmas Eve and continue till Epiphany. In true Christmas spirit, people visit friends and relatives and exchange gifts.

St.Stephen’s Day – Saturday, December 26

This day was declared a holiday in memory of the life of the martyr St. Stephen. It is also known as Boxing Day. People attend their local church service and rejuvenate themselves over the two day long holiday.

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