Jewish holidays 2014

Jewish calendar is not on parallel with Gregorian calendar and so every year dates of Jewish Holidays change. Each holiday starts at sundown and ends at sundown the next day. Here is the list of Jewish Public holidays 2014.

Name Date Remarks
Tu B’ Shevat January 16 Celebrated as the New Year for Trees
Purim Saturday March 15 Celebrates the deliverance from evil Haman
Passover April 14 – 22 Celebrates the liberation from Slavery in Egypt
Second Passover May 14 Second time celebration of Passover
Leg B’ Omer May 18 Jewish mysticism was born on this day
Shavuot June 3 – 5 Celebrating Torah and Ten Commandments
The Three Weeks June 15 to August 5 Mourning Festival for Holy Temple destruction
The 15th of Av August 11 Celebrated as a great festival by Jews
Rosh Hashanah September 24 to 26 Jewish New Year holiday
Yom Kippur October 03 and 04 One of the holiest day for Jews
Sukkot October 8 to 15 First two days holidays
Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah October 15 to 17 No work on these days
Chanukah December 16 to 24 Celebrates the rededication of Temple

Plan Your Holidays to Celebrate the Events

Tu B’ Shevat: Thursday, January 16

This day is celebrated to mark the starting of a fresh ‘new year’ for trees.

Purim: Saturday, March 15

On this day, Jewish people got liberated from evil Haman during the reign of Queen Esther in Persia.

Passover: Monday, April 14

On 2014 Calendar Jewish, this celebration is to mark the liberation of Jewish people from Egyptian Slavery.

Second Passover: Wednesday, May 14

This celebration is a second Passover but no work is permitted.

Leg B’ Omer: Sunday, May 18

A significant day for Jews to commemorate the birth of Jewish mysticism is celebrated.

Shavuot: Tuesday to Thursday, June 3 – 5

In 2014 Jewish holidays, giving of Torah on Mt. Sinal is celebrated by Jewish people.

The Three Weeks: Tuesday, July 15 to August 05

Festival of mourning observed for the destruction of holy Temple.

The 15th of Av: Monday, August 11

One of the greatest Jewish festivals with no particular rules for celebration is followed.

Rosh Hashanah: Wednesday to Friday, September 24 to 26

This Jewish New Year is celebrated as the anniversary day of the creation of Adam and Eve.

Yom Kippur: Friday, October 3 to 4

One of the holiest days in the calendar of Jews

Sukkot: Wednesday, October 08 to 15

These Jewish holidays 2014 start from the sunset of October 8 and ends at sunset October 15.

Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah: Wednesday to Friday, October 15 to 17

The two days of Jewish festival starts from Wednesday Sundown and ends at Friday Sundown

Chanukah: Tuesday to Wednesday, December 16 to 24

Celebrated for the rededication of Jerusalem Temple.

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