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General GRE Questions and Clarifications:

1) What does the admission committee expect in essay for Scholarship?

Divide your essay into four sections. First section deals with Introduction about yourself, your interests and motivations. In the second section summarize your undergraduate and previous graduate career followed by third section to discuss the relevance of your recent and current activities. Finally in the fourth section elaborate on your academic interests. End with explaining any irregularities with respect to your academic background or professional profile and elaborate on your special abilities, awards, achievements, publications etc.

2) How does short listing Universities before GRE helpful for me?

During your GRE, you will be asked to select 4 universities to whom you have to send scores free of cost. Also short listing universities before your GRE will also help you in understanding the admission process clearly. Though overall requirements of most of the universities remain the same, there are few requirements specific only to a particular university or department. Students who shortlist universities after their GRE tend to miss these minute but important details for admit decision.

3) Can we score 320+ score in GRE with one month preparation?

Yes, you can definitely score above 320 with one month of preparation. But, the efforts that you put in must significantly become much higher. 5-6 hours of continuous preparation would be essential and as time proceeds, you have to prepare for a much longer duration. Since most of the students face difficulty in GRE Verbal, I would suggest you to learn GRE Word List throughout the entire span of 30 days. For GRE Quant, try concentrating on your weaker areas since you must already be familiar with many concepts. Solve 20-30 questions in Sentence Equivalence and Text Completion every day. Start reading articles every now and then. Note down the new words that you come across and make the word your friend by connecting it with actual experiences. Last five days should only be for revising words and taking GRE Practice Test. Do not get confused with new topics. Take sufficient rest and relax. All the very best.

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