UK Holidays 2015

The united Kingdom is an ideal place for all looking for a culturally rich travel experience and also for those who simply want to get away and spend some peaceful days in its picturesque towns. There are many options for outdoor activities and sightseeing. Use this 2015 Calendar UK to plan ahead.

Name Date Remarks
New Year’s Day January 1 Very important holiday
Good Friday April 3 Remembrance of Jesus’ crucifixion
Early May Bank Holiday May 4 May Day
Spring Bank Holiday May 25 Last Monday of May
Christmas Day December 25 Grand celebration
Boxing Day December 26 The day after Christmas
Bank Holiday December 28 A Day of relaxation

There are very few UK Public holidays 2015 so travel plans in advance will ensure full enjoyment.

New Year’s Day – Thursday, January 1

This is the most important among 2015 UK Holidays. This is one of the very few public holidays. In the UK; the day is spent with friends and family before everyone returns to work from the next day. There is however some very colorful and traditional customs that can be seen observed in Scotland. Night clubs, pubs are busy with grand celebrations on the preceding evening till countdown up to midnight.

Good Friday – Friday, April 3

This festival honors the memory of Jesus’ Christ’s crucifixion and many Christians avoid eating meat on the day. Eating hot cross buns are very popular here on this day. There are special services held. People enjoy a long 4 day Ester weekend to go on short vacations.

Early May Bank Holiday – Monday, May 4

The first Monday of every May is a bank holiday. The day’s origins can be traced back to some traditions and celebrations for the beginning of the summer season that is related to this holiday. Nowadays, it is mainly a day used to campaign for worker’s rights.

Spring Bank Holiday – Monday, May 25

This is the last Monday in the month of May. All schools and banks are closed and people spend this day by relaxing with family and friends. The weekend is used to take part in leisure activities or take a trip to the countryside. Public transport systems run as usual.

Christmas Day – Friday, December 25
This is the most festive season in UK. There is joy and cheer all around with shops witnessing a large amount of traffic, homes and gardens are well lit and decorated, gifts are exchanged and special church services are attended.

Boxing Day – Saturday, December 26

This holiday falls a day after Christmas. It is one of the most awaited UK Holidays 2015 as it provides everyone to relax after celebrations the day before. The name comes from the fact that employers used to distribute gifts in boxes. Some sporting events also begin on this day nowadays.

UK Bank Holidays 2014

United Kingdom, with its historical and cultural places, attracts millions of tourists all over the world. One of the developed countries, people celebrates traditional festivals and carnivals with the Royal family in London. All the public holidays of Britain are also bank holidays. Here is the list of UK holidays 2014 covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland:

Name Date Remarks
New Year’s Day January 01 Celebrated widely by all people in Britain
St. Patrick’s Day March 17 Public Holiday only for Northern Ireland
Good Friday April 18 Celebrated by Christian communities
Easter Monday April 21 Celebrated on the re-birth of Jesus Christ
Early May May 05 Celebrated on starting of summer
Spring Bank Holiday May 26 Celebrated to relax
Summer Bank Holiday August 25 End of summer
Christmas Day December 25 Birthday of Jesus
Boxing Day December 26 Celebrated by receiving Christmas Boxes

Plan Your UK Public Holidays 2014 to Celebrate the Events

New Year’s Day: Wednesday, January 1

New Year day is celebrated with salsa dance, parties and live programs. New Year Parade in London is the biggest
event in the country. Banks and all public offices are closed to celebrate this day.

St. Patrick’s Holiday: Monday, March 17

Irish people celebrate this festival grandly on Sunday March 16 and enjoy public holiday throughout Ireland the next day. Banks are closed on this day.

Good Friday: Friday, April 18

Jesus was crucified on the cross. This day is a Public and bank holiday. British people attend the Church.

Easter Monday: Monday, April 21

This 2014 Calendar UK holiday is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Early May: Monday, May 05

First Monday of May each year is celebrated to welcome summer season. It is also a Bank Holiday in Britain.

Spring Bank Holiday: Monday, May 26

On the last Monday of May British people relax and enjoy long weekend by taking holiday.

Summer Bank Holiday: Monday, August 25

This 2014 UK holiday celebrates the end of summer. People enjoy the day with colorful costumes and band
performances. Notting Hill Carnival in London is the most popular one.

Christmas Day: Thursday, December 25

This is to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus Christ. Throughout UK people arrange parties, religious events and
celebrations with decorated Christmas trees and evergreen branches. They exchange gifts through Father Christmas who will be in long green or red robe.

Boxing Day: Friday, December 26

The next day of Christmas, servants receive Christmas Boxes from their masters and take rest to spend their time with families. This day is One of the UK Holidays 2014. The original idea is to remove the gift boxes that have been so far received by the members of the family. Masters will use the same gift boxes to gift their servants.