Venezuela public holidays 2014

Venezuela, the country located on the shores of North Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, thereby connects North and South America by major sea routes. A country with big cities and great beaches attract travelers from all over the world. Some of the Venezuela public holidays 2014 are here to plan a trip:

Name Date Remarks
New Year’s Day January 01 Beginning of the upcoming New Year
Epiphany January 06 To commemorate Incarnation of Jesus Christ
Carnival March 03 and 04 Shrove Tuesday before Ash Wednesday
Saint Joseph’s Day March 19 Day in remembrance of Saint Joseph
Good Friday April 18 Friday before Easter Sunday
Beginning of the Independence Day April 19 Independence movement started
Labors Day May 01 A day dedicated for the workers
Battle of Carabobo June 24 Battle led to Venezuela’s independence
Independence Day July 05 Venezuela became independent
Simon Bolivar Birthday’s Memorial July 24 In memory of a leader an independence fighter
Flag Day August 03 Respect to nation’s flag
Day of Indigenous Resistance October 12 In memory of American’s independence struggle
All Saints Day November 01 Second day of Hallowmas
Christmas December 25 A day of holy infant Jesus Christ’s Birth

Enjoy the traditional events in Venezuela

New Year’s Day: Wednesday, January 1

Holiday is announced for this happy day to start a fresh New Year.

Epiphany: Monday, January 06

A day of religious ceremony of Jesus Christ’s incarnation and Baptism is observed.

Shrove’s Carnival Day : Monday and Tuesday, March 03 and 04

This day is filled with Spanish cultural events.

Saint Joseph’s Day: Wednesday, March 19

This day is dedicated to St.Joseph.

Good Friday: Friday, April 18

This is the day to remember last hours of Jesus Christ.

Beginning of the Independence Movement: Saturday, April 19

The anniversary day is celebrated when the independence movement started in Venezuela.

Labors Day: Thursday, May 01

Holiday is observed as national tribute to workers.

Battle of Carabobo: Tuesday, June 24

In the Venezuela Holidays 2014, a battle was fought between Spanish Royalist forces and freedom fighters in
Carabobo which led to Independence of Venezuela.

Independence Day: Wednesday, July 09

Venezuela got separation from Spain on 1811, July 09 and that is the important day in 2014 Venezuela Calendar

Simon Bolivar Birthday’s Memorial: Thursday, July 24

This Holiday is to remember Simon Bolivar the prominent leader in the independence of Venezuela.

Flag Day: Sunday, August 03

This is a public holiday.

Day of Indigenous Resistance: Sunday, October 12

This is the day in memory of America’s struggle for self-determination and contributions to independence.

All Saints Day: Saturday, November 01

This is the day to remember the saints who attained their place in heaven.

Christmas Day: Thursday, December 25

This festival is celebrated on the occasion of Jesus Christ’s birth.

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