Weird Things about Americans That Americans Don’t Realize

There are several misconceptions about Americans that they don’t realize. Here is the weirdo list.
Many immigrants are amused to see the commercials on TV. Normally in a 30-minute show, there will be about 4 commercial breaks in American Television Network.

Likewise people sharing rooms / dorms at university are weird news for someone who comes from Europe. Normally in most of the European countries the students have their own bedroom. Sometimes even they enjoy the exclusive suite and share a kitchen and communal bathroom with others.

Some people think that the inner city is for poor people, whereas wealthier people live in the suburb in America. Actually, it’s the other way round in Europe and India.

The immigrants, particularly those who are coming from Japan think that all the blonde girls are cheerleaders.
The importance given to the college football players is quite amazing for the students who come from outside of the US. Most of these football players attain celebrity status and give interviews on TV – all these matters are unheard of anywhere except US.

It sounds extremely weird that the Public restroom doors in the US are extremely tiny. They are fixed almost two feet above the floor level is the trend unseen anywhere else.

For the foreigners, the strange things that Americans do like laughing loudly and moving very intimately with strangers are weird things.

For the non-Americans, the motorized wheelchairs in supermarkets are weird things about America.
The Indian students who live in US find that no public transportation or ‘walking” roads available in some parts of the US. In order to get out, car is the only option.

For many people, the presence of police everywhere is quite strange. The over-policed America simply looks weird for them.

Many people complained about the food wastages are unrealistically high in America.

Almost for everyone, the kind of TV ads that says “ask your doctor for brand x antidepressants” type commercials are weird.

Some Swiss students were actively engaged in taking pictures of a house party. When asked, they said that they are taking the picture of a red solo cup and it looks exactly like Hollywood movies.

The newspaper vending machines in America are quoted as weird objects by several outsiders.

In an American restaurant, if a waiter asks about the doggie bag, then if the visitor is non-American, he can find it ‘weird’. Normally the doggie bags are offered by the eateries to take the leftovers.

People who are frequently using the credit cards are aware of the pin number requirement. But most of the places in the US, if use your card for less than $ 20 transaction, you don’t need to disclose any secret number. Just swipe the card and push the yes option. That’s all and it seems to be weird to many people.

Americans take pickles with everything they eat is quite strange.

Halloween in America is also funny to outsiders, even to their European cousins. Interestingly it originates from Europe.

Enter the land of opportunities to witness a few amusing weird American way of life.

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